Associate Agreement

Hey! Looking forward to working with you either soon or some day in the future!

Below is my second shooter /associate data capture form, if you could please fill it in to get you registered as a photographer to refer too and/or work with. I know if I work as a second shooter it often helps to know how that person works and what they require of me so here's a few things I prefer, if you have any problems with anything just let me know plenty of time in advantage before the wedding day.

  1. How do you download my images? I usually take my laptop and back-up drive to a wedding day so I will back your cards at the wedding breakfast and then the remaining images before we leave for the evening. If it's a crazy busy day or Im a guest at the wedding and we don't get chance to do this I will take your cards on the day and post these back to you recorded delivery a few days following the wedding. Alternatively I will give you SD cards to use in the morning of the wedding which is the most efficient and preferred method.

  2. What do I wear for a wedding? I usually wear black dungarees, I feel this works well to prevent me showing the world my knickers when I bend or lie down fo that great shot and to make me feel like I can hide in the background more. You don't have to wear black but obviously if you can dress smartly and no crazy bright colours that would be fab

  3. How can you use the images? Unless pre-agreed otherwise I am happy for you to edit the images in your style and use the images on your blog and social media as you like. Please credit me as the main photographer on your blog post and social media. Submitting to any blogs/features should come directly from me. If I have given you SD cards to use then I am happy to send you the raws to you.

  4. What about food? I will ensure you are fed so please do let me know of any food allergies etc. I cannot be held personally responsible for the venue poisoning you or anyone else though so if you have a serious food allergy please be very cautious with food provided.

  5. Payment - I will pay you on the day of the wedding as soon as you get to the first venue. This will be by BACS and using the details you provide below.

Second shooter / Associate Contract

Thanks for submitting!